Smart Cities

Building a fully connected world

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Smart Services

Manage all your devices, data and users in one place. Stay connected everywhere and be warned about important events in real-time

Smart Mobility

Provide new services relating to rail transportation and traffic management to enable companies and users to be better informed about transport networks

Smart Energy

Collect and analyze energy consumption data from energy meters and get an efficient process with lower operational costs and no human error component

Smart Agriculture

Brings to farmers opportunities to improve production, take right decisions, reduce operating costs and get the data pattern of each culture

Smart Retail

Get information in real time about sales, product acceptance and people behavior with advanced algorithms

Smart Water

Monitore water quality by collecting data from multiple sensors, generate monthly bills for consumers and detect leaks in water distribution system


Requirements and Feasibility

We understand the problem and define the project requirements to develop a solution that is future proof, cost-effective and meets your desires

System Architecture

Select and evaluate the main components of the solution, running simulations to comprise our choices and select the right materials

Rapid Prototyping

With a fast PCB project development and 3D design software and printers we can deliver the prototyping stage in an excellent time with very low cost

Software Development

Count with a great team of engineers with vast knowledge in embedded and application software development

Validation and Certification

Countless field tests to prove and validate the product, simulating all possible scenarios so that there are no surprises when your product reaches the final consumer

Wi-SUN Alliance

The first brazilian company to contribute to the leading global industry alliance promoting interoperable wireless standards based solutions for the Internet of Things


About us

Das Coisas is a company founded in 2016 in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, state of Minas Gerais, better known as the Brazilian Silicon Valley. Incubated since then in National Institute of Telecommunications, it is a technology partner that offers complete solutions for product development in the ​​Smart Cities area. The company works from the analysis of requirements to the final production stage. Das Coisas's team has members with specific knowledge in software, hardware and project management

Why us

We have more than 10 years of accumulated knowledge in product development oriented to the Internet of Things. We own a complete tooling dedicated to rapid prototyping, such as 3D printers, and lots of development kits resulting in a very fast prototype stage


Av. João de Camargo, 510, Prédio da Incubadora
Das Coisas, Santa Rita do Sapucaí - MG
CEP 37540-000